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Fundraising is what we do best.

When you’re a social entrepreneur or changemaker, fundraising isn’t just about money.

It’s about sharing your idea with the world and building a community who want to be part of it. StartSomeGood began life as a fundraising platform with an exclusive focus on supporting people who were “starting some good.” We now offer two distinct flavours of online fundraising for launching and growing impact projects.

We offer three types of crowdfunding:

Project Crowdfunding

Time-limited, for specific projects, with a clear funding ask and deadline.

Where: on this here platform

Recurring Crowdfunding

Ongoing campaigns for ongoing projects, which invite supporters to sign up for a recurring contribution.

Where: right here

Debt Crowdfunding

LendForGood crowdlending supports growth-ready impact businesses to borrow the funds they need to do good.

Where: over at LendForGood

UPDATE: We have currently paused fundraising on while we move to a new payment provider. We will return soon. Learn more.

Coaching, Consulting and Co-Design


Book a one-off or four-session coaching program as you prepare your campaign strategy and pitch.


Book two sessions with CEO Tom Dawkins to advise on your strategy and campaign structure.


We will interview you and develop your campaign copy, outreach strategy and language guide.


Explore the Academy to find step by step tips, help from our support gurus, and free and premium resources

"I've worked with a lot of crowdfunding platforms but StartSomeGood were absolutely the best. I was blown away."

Joey Rosenberg Girl For Girls

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Crowdfunding 101: Free email course

To be awesome at crowdfunding you'll need to understand a few things. This ridiculously actionable (and totally free) 5-part email course is designed for non-profits, social entrepreneurs and changemakers who want to raise funds the smart way.

Partner with us.

If you are looking for fundraising coaches and trainers to skill-up your community, we would love to help.

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