Our Mission and Criteria

StartSomeGood supporters world-changing impact projects, organizations and enterprises through technology, coaching and education. We support all forms of impact projects: entrepreneurial, advocacy and activism, community building, research, journalism, information provision and inspiration. You can be for-profit, non-profit or unincorporated – we don’t mind. Our only focus is on the good you are starting.

Our vision is a world where everyone can be a changemaker, where communities can create the future they want and governance is citizen-focused and responsive. Our goal is to build the world’s best mobilizing platform for changemakers and social entrepreneurs, providing the tools, coaching, community and support they (you!) need to make a difference. So if you are working on any kind of social impact initiative and you want to make progress, you are in the right place!


Projects raising funding on StartSomeGood must meet the following criteria. They must:

  • Create a positive social or environmental impact

  • Provide realistic budget and coherent “use of funds” description

  • Not promote exclusion, fear or hatred, advocate for discrimination, exploitation or war or be environmentally harmful

  • Be able to cover the goals of the project if the funding target is reached

  • Be able to deliver any rewards offered in a reasonable amount of time once funding is secured

  • Be able to access a Stripe account in order to receive funds

If you have any questions about our values, our criteria or if your project is a good match for StartSomeGood, just drop us a line at [email protected]