Hitting the Road to Heal with Mirrors

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Successfully funded on Feb 15, 2013
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Colorful hand-written snail mail postcards from out in the field.

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A quality digital photo of an amputee with his/her new mirror with your name signed on it.

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2 digital photos with 2 different amputees holding your signed mirrors.

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A GO-PRO HD video of a Cambodian or Laotian amputee using YOUR mirror

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An actual MMM field mirror sent to your postal address along with a hardcopy photo of an amputee using one.

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Your name stenciled on my cargo bike and a digital photo of it loaded with mirrors, plus a digital shot of an amputee using your signed mirror.

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A group photo of hospital clinical staff all using mirrors donated by you and holding a placard with your name on it. Plus a GO PRO HD video segment of a clinical session.

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A visit to your town (I pay all expenses, anywhere in N America) and a 2 hr mirror therapy demonstration/workshop plus 5 mirrors for local amputees.

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